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Holistic Hope:
Interview with Jason Boyce

By Adeline J. Wells

Jason Boyce is the first to know that a mere cup of coffee is far from a cure for fatigue.

Having suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for over a decade prior to contracting Long COVID, Boyce has tried a plethora of different therapies, medications, and vitamins to combat this misunderstood disease that has a crippling effect on the lives of so many.

Through his years of research, Boyce has found a combination of holistic therapies that work to relieve the symptoms of both medical issues, as chronicled in his new book Chronic Fatigue Gone!

In writing this book, Boyce aims to shed light on both chronic fatigue and Long COVID, provide comprehensive solutions, and inspire those who suffer to hold onto hope.

Chronic Fatigue Gone by Jason Boyce

Could you give me a little bit about your background prior to the writing of Chronic Fatigue Gone!?

I grew up in Birmingham, UK and moved to London after college to become a commercial real estate consultant. Eventually my wife got a job working in New Jersey, so we moved to the States where I worked as an equities trader.

It was around that time when I started to become quite sick. At the time no one knew what it was, but for fifteen years I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome. I saw lots of doctors, tried lots of medications, all to no avail.

My choices were to either live in my bedroom for the rest of my life and accept what they said, or to do something about it.

I did a lot of research over several years and tried hundreds of medication and therapy combinations. It took a long time, but I figured out what works and what doesn't.

I've come up with a combination of different therapies that can actually relieve chronic fatigue, and I want to share that knowledge with others.

What was the process of conducting research like for you?

It has been a journey. I was exhausted being bedridden at home; it got to the point where some days I couldn't even walk to the bathroom, and I became pretty depressed. As you can imagine, depression is a real problem for people with chronic fatigue. The first thing I had to do was conquer that.

I learned all about depression, and tried to figure out what it was, what was the mechanism in the brain that caused this issue, and how one could beat it.

It was a battle since I’ve had chronic fatigue, but recently I found a couple of great therapies that completely reversed my depression, which I’ve chronicled in the book in chapter entitled Conquer depression first.

The second step was to get back to sleep. Insomnia is a common symptom of chronic fatigue. I just tried every therapy, antidepressant, and supplement to figure out how to beat depression and how to get a good night’s sleep.

Jason Boyce

What inspired you to write Chronic Fatigue Gone! and share your knowledge with others?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is not really recognized by the medical community as a disease. It took years of many people campaigning just to bring attention to this problem; there are over 2 million people in the United States alone that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis (to give it it’s real name).

It's a spectrum disorder where some people are completely disabled by it, but some people are functional. This has caused a real stigma around it, resulting in pain and problems for millions of people.

One of the reasons I wrote the book was to help people get out of that rut; to help people motivate themselves and have knowledge of therapies so they could actually get better.

The other reason for writing the book was to help educate doctors. I know it sounds crazy coming from a non-medically trained individual such as myself, but a lot of it was about raising awareness. I've seen so many doctors who just assume fatigue is caused by depression and prescribe as such.

I recommend people find a naturopath, holistic doctor, or a functional medicine doctor who will look at the broader range of symptoms. Depression is caused by chronic fatigue; it's not the other way around, and it can't be dealt with by a single pill.

What do you want your readers to take away from your book?

First of all, hope. I think one thing that people with chronic fatigue syndrome, and now long COVID, are lacking is hope. There's no clear pathway forward for treatment for anyone with long COVID or chronic fatigue. Even though there are medications in the pipeline right now, it's still a dire situation.

Yet there is hope; if people work on the therapies that I put forward in this book, there's a really good chance that they can live a normal life.

Also, there's a chapter in the book on how to stay motivated; when you're chronically ill, it is tremendously hard to stay motivated to try new therapies, but this is important.

What sets Chronic Fatigue Gone! apart from other resources that are on the market?

I could not find a book on chronic fatigue or Long COVID that actually provided real-life solutions to the problem. So many books provide the history of chronic fatigue in detail, and it's very interesting, but there aren’t any solutions.

My book gives chapter after chapter of real-life, comprehensive solutions on how to beat chronic fatigue. It provides clear guidance, and a clear pathway to recovery.

For example, there are some interesting books on hydrogen peroxide therapy; I use it every day and it's helped tremendously in my recovery. There's also glutathione therapy, and optimal dose Vitamin D therapy.

Yet putting all these things together and recommending them in one big recovery plan is currently available in one book. Initially, I wrote this book for myself, as a manual, so I could get better, and it became evident that I had to share it with the world.

Are there any naturopaths, doctors, specialists who you have considered to be particularly inspirational on your path to healing?

My naturopath is Dr. Amanda Ward. I came across her on a Netflix documentary a few years ago and was really impressed with what she had to say. So, I looked her up; just by pure coincidence, she's actually the closest naturopath that you could possibly get to my house.

I went to see her, and she really helped me change my life. She had an open-door approach to these therapies, instead of closing them off like so many doctors would do. She was instrumental in helping me.

How do you think that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped shed light on other health issues such as chronic fatigue?

It certainly has; you can see that clearly just in the funding. For chronic fatigue syndrome, the funding via the National Institute of Health is a paltry $5 million a year, which now has been increased to $2 billion per year!

The funding for COVID will help people such as myself tremendously. So, from that point of view, the funding alone is huge.

You can also see that the financial incentive for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is now there. That has instigated a whole raft of new drugs, antiviral drugs in particular, that will help people with Long COVID and chronic fatigue.

COVID has been awful, but it has been a blessing for people who suffer from chronic fatigue.

What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions in our society around chronic fatigue?

There are so many of them. The biggest misconception is that people with chronic fatigue are somehow faking it. Some doctors still believe this. This is exacerbated because some people look fine, and some can function very well. They just don't have a life outside of a public persona or their work life.

It is crushingly difficult and depressing to have this disease because of the stigma attached to it. With long COVID, I think the empathy levels are much higher because everyone has known someone who suffered from it.

Do you have any future books or projects on the horizon?

I do; when I started writing this book, COVID-19 was barely a thing. As I got towards the middle and end of the book, it was obvious that COVID and Long COVID were serious issues.

I had to rewrite the book in a way to deal with this situation, but I want to write a book that focuses more on COVID specifically. It will address treatments that are specific to COVID, and the book is going to be called Long COVID Gone!

I think there's a real need for a book that provides specific advice on how to beat Long COVID and overcome its large range of symptoms.

For more information on Boyce’s work and Chronic Fatigue Gone!, please visit ChronicFatigueGone.com.

The book is now available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and Smashwords.com.

Hollywood, CA

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