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Conversation With an Author
and His Camel:
Interview with Paul George

By Carin Chea

It is one of those perfectly temperate Friday afternoons in November, the type of afternoon that heralds in its winter counterpaart, and Paul George is enjoying every minute of it.

With an old soul and a youthful imagination, the budding author found it effortless to write and illustrate his first book. Some would describe Paul as a fountain of creativity, as he is already planning for his second, third, and fourth books.

Equal parts prolific and profound, Paul has is exceptionally accomplished for his age. After all, not many 7-year-olds can say they’re published authors.

We sat down with Paul to discuss his book, The First Camel in Space. And, for good measure, he brought Sanoa (his mother) along.

The First Camel in Space by Paul George

Hi! What’d you do today?

Paul: I have slept today and I have watched my iPad. I played a game called Road Blocks.

That’s what I did today, too! But, I didn’t play Road Blocks. Anyway, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Paul: Play Road Blocks. Watch YouTube or TV. Play around with my friends. Play soccer. Annoy my mom. And being crazy.

I watch YouTube all the time! What are your favorite channels?

Paul: You know YouTube shorts? Specifically Lego videos, but I don’t like to be on my iPad that much.

That’s a really good point. That reminds me to cut down my own screen time, you know, on my phone. What was it that made you want to write a book?

Paul: Imagination.

What specifically inspired you to write your book though?

Paul: I got an inspiration from a book.

Sanoa: I’ve been reading to him since he was a baby. He loves to read. When he was younger, he was telling me he was going to write a book, but it never happened. Finally, the thing that forced us to do it was this project in first grade where the kids had to write a book.

Previously, we went on a trip to Israel where we rode a camel, which is what inspired him. He wanted to write about a camel going into space, which was a challenge because they’re so heavy.

It was a challenge for the camel but the camel passed all the tests NASA requires in order for someone to go to space.

Paul has got to be one of the most ambitious kids I’ve ever met. You said that “when he was younger” he wanted to write a book but didn’t get to it until now?

Sanoa: He is very ambitious and always dreamed of going into space. He’s very creative. I record him on my phone, which is a challenge because I’m so busy as a nurse. Back in Europe, I was an MD.

Paul George

Tell me about The First Camel in Space, which (by the way) is one of the most interesting book titles I’ve ever heard.

Sanoa: He got the idea because he has books about space, and since he was in kindergarten, he wanted to be an astronaut.

Wow, that’s amazing! Paul, does the camel in your story actually represent you? Are you the camel?

Paul: It could have been me. I wanted to write a book because the camel is what I want to be like. You can achieve anything. And, read books to get smart.

Sanoa: He’s always been so smart. I’ve had to change schools because teachers recommended more advanced schools.

Paul: I was too smart. The other kids didn’t even know what 80 + 80 is, but I know it’s 160. Science and math are some of my favorite subjects. I can do 100 additions in 3 minutes. I can do 100 subtractions in 3 minutes. Right now I’m working on 100 multiplications right now, and after that I’ll do divisions.

Who are your heroes?

Paul: First, my mom. She’s one of my heroes. Second is the camel. He’s my hero also for giving me power to write a book. For other people, I’m not sure. Some people don’t believe in themselves.

That is such a great thing to hear. I feel like, as grownups, we need to re-discover the confidence and imagination we had as children.

Paul: Sometimes people give up too easily. But my brain just won’t give up!

Are you working on any other books or projects?

Paul: Super Fry and the Amazing Lobster Man.

Let me guess. That was inspired by a trip to the bay or oceanside?

Paul: I ate a lobster before, and fries before.

I love how your experiences inspire you, even the everyday things. Maybe I should follow in your footsteps and write about something I see a lot. Like boba. I love boba.

Paul: You inspired me to write something. I’m going to call it Ms. Carin’s Boba Book of History. It’s like from the caveman to modern technology to when AI will roam and take over the world.

Paul, I am very honored. You don’t know how much that would mean to me.

For more information, please visit https://SpaceSeaKid.com

Hollywood, CA

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