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Food for Thought Interview
With Petronella Ravenshear

By Carin Chea

Petronella Ravenshear is a wildly successful nutritionist whose clients include celebrities and socialites alike.

With over 35,000 followers on Instagram, Ravenshear’s popularity comes from her proven-effective nutritional program, The Human Being Diet.

Available in book format, the masses can now access the author’s 20+ years of expertise. Don’t be fooled, however: The three-month regimen is rigorous at first and requires focus and the undeterred desire to look, feel, and be your best self.

But, the payoff is worth it and is guaranteed to transform your life forever. And: Your skin will look amazing.

Someone once said, “If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” With Ravenshear’s help, you’ll find and live blissfully in your forever home.

The Human Being Diet by Petronella Ravenshear

Your skin looks amazing!

That’s the HBD [Human Being Diet] glow. It comes from within. When we eat the HBD way, our gut appreciates it and so do our microbes. Everything is being brought back into balance, including hormones. The inflammation is lowered its reflected on the outside.

How did you get into the field of health and nutrition?

My son, who is now 34, was ill frequently when he was a little boy with respiratory infections. I took him to doctors, and they didn’t have anything for him except antibiotics, and they were making him worse because he was developing asthma.

I had to have some other type of solution. I took him to all sorts of practitioners (including homeopaths) and it’d work for a short while, but wouldn’t stick for long.

Nutrition was the last thing I thought of. Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” I didn’t think about changing my son’s diet or giving him probiotics. But, when I did, he began to recover and he never had another course of antibiotics after that.

Anyway, in the back of one of the books I consulted in, it said something like, “Are you interested in a career in nutrition?” I went for it and I never looked back.

What inspired you to finally write your book?

The first edition was 2018, so this is the second edition. I had been seeing people in my clinic, and I had a waiting list. I kept my prices up and people still kept coming. I started thinking, “There’s something wrong there. People shouldn’t have to be wealthy or rich to protect their health.”

I had been busy on Instagram talking about the program during the pandemic lockdown and a lot of the questions were similar, and that informed which parts of the book needed expanding on.

I didn’t dream it would turn out like this. There’s no judgment, just a growing number of (mainly) women supporting other women. It’s a really heartwarming place to be.

Petronella Ravenshear

What message do you want to spread in your book, The Human Being Diet?

When I use the term “diet”, I mean it in its original definition, which is “a way of life”. People feel more joyful on the HBD diet. When we’re in a state of inflammation, we’re often depressed. When we don’t have inflammation, we have a more joyful outlook on life.

The number one thing is: If we can change the way we eat, we can change the way we feel. The World Health Organization tells us that over 70% of deaths annually worldwide are due to lifestyle diseases which are underpinned by inflammation.

If we can turn down the inflammation, we can reverse all these inflammatory lifestyle diseases. We don’t need to go to the doctor and get pills. We just have to get a hand on what we’re eating.

Up to 60% of our daily calories come from nutritionally dead, ultra-processed foods. We need to reconnect with our food.

My dream is for everyone to become their own nutritionist, to go through the book and listen to the messages from our bodies. I want us to put the power and control back into our own hands for our health, rather than going to doctors and coming away with one or two or three prescriptions. That’s really key.

That’s why I wanted to democratize the process. We don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on seeing a practitioner.

What’s your least favorite food?


No! Really?

Well, it isn’t the same bread from the 1960s. It’s been genetically modified, and now our parents and grandparents are bemused by this gluten-free trend.

But, the bread we’re eating today isn’t the same as their generation. It’s much higher in gluten, which is a problematic protein for human beings.

Although I love bread, I do (rarely) eat sourdough bread because it’s fermented and the microbes (bacteria) help break down the gluten.

I know the first part of the HBD regimen is tough. Any advice on how to get through those first few days or weeks?

The first few days are tough. I encourage people to buddy up with one another. When people get through the first 16 days, they feel so good they don’t want to go back. That is the motivation.

I didn’t write the book for people who want to lose weight quickly for a wedding or a birthday. The weight loss is a side effect, and that's what drives 80% of people, but it’s the feeling of vitality and vibrant wellness that is long-lasting.

Also, apple cider vinegar can help with cravings. Kudzu is also an interesting herb that will help.

I do encourage people to get rid of clothes that are too big so there’s no going back.

That’s very clever!

There’s no need to return to how you used to be!

You’ve recently relocated from the UK to the United States. What are the differences you’ve noticed between the two places in regards to diet and lifestyle?

America gets bad PR when it comes to what people think of food here. The classic American diet is just as bad as the classic UK diet. I was pleasantly surprised by the supermarkets here.

In Florida, Publix (the popular market here) has a great array of organic produce. We were pleasantly surprised and blown away. It’s much easier to live healthier here than in the UK.

London is like New York and LA, where people are very diet conscious. If you go outward, you’ll see more overweight people. You don’t see a lot of overweight people in Palm Beach, for example, because they’re educated on food and diet.

With the holidays here, what advice do you give your clientele?

It helps to decide what one’s favorites things are, and say “I’m going to have that and I’m going to enjoy it for those days, but then I’m going to be mindful about what I’m eating, and I’m going to look forward to being on the straight and narrow again.”

Our food choices over the holidays don’t have to be a gluttony fest. We can eat the things we enjoy, mindfully, and then get back on track again.

This will actually be my first Thanksgiving feast. We have a huge organic turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing, potatoes roasted in goose fat (which is absolutely delicious, by the way), and pumpkin pie. But it will be a gluten free pumpkin pie.

That actually sounds pretty good! Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like us to know about?

There will be an HBD journal where people can keep track of their food diet and symptoms, as well as measurements.

There will also be books coming out on healthy longevity. We have to eat to live, but should we settle for simply being alive? Shouldn’t we have a life of vitality and joy?

For more information, please visit TheHumanBeingDiet.com.

Hollywood, CA

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