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The Writer Who Transcended Time and Dimension

By Carin Chea

At the very least, artist, spiritualist, and author Wendy Anne can be described as eclectic. The author of Ascension (her four-part book series) is more aptly described as transcendent and all-encompassing.

Transparent, yet mysterious, deeply sensual, yet spiritual, wild, yet still and serene, Wendy Anne's aura is personified in her writing. This is one author who understands that polarities are not divisive, but are the bridge that connects us all.

It was my delight to speak with Wendy Anne as we discussed politics, goddesses, and the first book in her 4-part installment, Sage.

Sage by Wendy Anne

Have you always been an expressive and artistic presence?

I'd say yes. I can't think of anything I've used more to cope with reality. I use many kinds of art to release, but I'd say writing is my favorite and most consistent. I was hyper as a kid. I was incredibly hyper and super-curious. I was a hellion. I was benevolent though. I was just curious.

A lot of my life has been based on overcoming adversity. I was too spiritual to be an atheist, but too curious to commit to a single religion. There are so many things I love about most religions.

I grew up in an urban city and on my street, I was fortunate to have friends from eclectic households. My tribe is made up of many people I've known my entire life. Our bonds were based on overcoming adversity and differences for the love of art.

The continuity between certain spiritual beliefs that bring people together is the opposite of hating each other for their differences. My tribe leaders were the initial people who taught me that, through art and literature, we have common ground.

As far as my tribe members are concerned, there are only 20 that I picked, and most of them I've known before I was 14.

Of those 20 people, there are black, white, Asian, gay, bisexual, heterosexual, Christian, Catholic, atheist, non-denominational. And we didn't have adversity between us because we have a love for art and literature.

Tell us about Sage and what inspired this book.

My intentions in 2009 differed from my 2018 intentions. I put the book down for 9 years, but when I began to write again, a lot of the world that encompassed mystery and sensuality and things that were the driving force of 2009 gave me the ability to create an avatar to live through while seducing people through the sexuality we all share, but the time span allowed me to inject 9 years of evolution.

After 9 years of studying everything that I had put my mind into, I picked it up again. I skimmed the surface of topics, like the dream realm and the Egyptian realm.

During those 9 years, I became too busy to work on my novel, but not too busy to study. I used all the information and progress I'd made as a human being. I initially wrote the novel while I was drinking wine and thinking of ways to seduce the reader.

But, in 2018, I realized that there was so much more to human beings than that. The last round, where I injected metaphysics and historic content and spirituality, I realized that there was an evolution process, where I took you from finite to immortal, organic to spiritual, from lust to love, from mystery to enlightenment.

So, again, there were two different times I wrote this book. But, I didn't preclude the first half, I included it and used it as an ascension.

Is Sage your first book?

It's the first book I'm having published. I've actually printed quite a few books that I never had any intention on publishing.

I wrote an autobiography and only printed 100 copies for the human beings that played a major role in my life, and that was just recreational. It was 678 pages. I whipped that together when my adoptive mom was under hospice care.

I write a lot, recreationally. Sage is the only thing I'm taking professional steps toward. With Sage, it starts off so sexual, disarming whoever's reading it.

But, by the time you get to the end, you've learned all about new age ways of healing things. You learn of the connection of 8 different religions. The spiritual contexts get deeper and deeper.

Towards the end, it's all about astro-projecting and past life regression.

Wendy Anne - Author of Sage

I understand Sage is part one in a four-part book series. Tell us more about the series as a whole.

Sage is a very fiery person. I use an earth goddess to personify who she was in a past life, Nanu. Sage is primarily about sex to love.

The next book in the series is about chaos to peace, Lily. With Lily, you think water lily. And when you think of Aphrodite for instance, she derives from a seashell. Lilly represents water, where Sage would represent fire.

Terry [the third book] is the journey from darkness to light. Trina, the fourth, is from sickness to health.

Sage is my avatar. Obviously, every author pours some of themselves into their characters. Lily is based on my younger sister. She is beautiful inside and out.

We just lost our father, and as an ode to him, I try to do something to solidify that bond and keep him alive. I feel that by boosting my sister's morale by creating a character after her will do that. I use a Celtic goddess to personify Lily.

There are two versions each book. There is the finite carnal aspect, and the spiritual aspect. Sage actually starts with a masturbation scene, but ends with a complete change of world. With Lily, it starts in a world of chaos because I bring it back to a sense of peace.

Terry happens to be one of my adopted sisters. She was a free spirit. During her funeral, they played 'Amazing Grace', which is about darkness to light.

Trina is based on my best friend's mother who I was incredibly close with.

I had five adopted sisters, and my mom and dad got re-married and picked spouses that are awesome. My sisters are all philanthropists and academics. I'm basing the heroines in my sequels on my favorite family members. Even if they're not the main characters, I make it a point to feature them.

The reason I included Nanu in my books is to include the attributes of the earth goddesses. If you traverse topics pertaining to goddesses in general, you will discover that we have powerful earth goddesses in almost every mythology, especially Egyptian.

There were earth goddesses for many millennia that represent such power. And then, when you get to the new testament of the Bible, Mary Magdalene was called a whore and women were traded for sheep.

If you consider that earth is depicted as a goddess, and you look at the condition of the earth in the present, this is a direct repercussion of not including the equality of feminine and masculine divinities. I mean, we have nuns, but who's the hierarchy of the Catholic church?

If you look at the older faiths, the masculine and feminine were considered equals. Now that the feminine goddess has diminished into what is the 21st century.

You have a deep personal history seeped in music, spirituality, and mysticism. How did this come to be?

Some people are just innately like that, like my daughter. It is questionable how much you pick up from the people around you.

I was raised Catholic, but I was not a good Catholic student. I asked all the most blasphemous questions because I wanted to invest spiritually in something. The questions weren't met with the emotion I hoped they would be. I also felt the Bible was incredibly biased towards men, from beginning to end.

I love the idea of studying and learning and writing it. They say you remember things better if you write them down.

Because I'm a compulsive writer and studier, it's always there. I'm always inspired by all my senses. I'm very in-tuned to all of those things. I also try not to get so trapped by them that I can't discover what or why that is.

If Sage were to be made into a mini-series, who would you cast as Sage and her counterpart?

I am so in love with Angelina Jolie. She's perfect because Sage is a full-grown woman. She has that sophistication but also eccentricity.

If I were to pick someone to be her husband I would pick Tom Ellis [from Lucifer] because he matches her beauty. Nanu would have to be somebody like Rihanna. When she visits her past life, she's in Egypt.

To learn more about Wendy Anne and her upcoming projects, please visit www.RoguePoet.net.

Hollywood, CA

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