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Demystifying Bioenergetics

By Carin Chea

To be in Marcy Meyers' presence (if even only via telephone) is to be invited into a sacred space where mind and body unite in complete peace. Though Ms. Meyers was two time zones away (her Bioenergetics practice is in Kansas City), her life force and nurturing energy was fully present and strongly felt, creating a safe sanctuary.

Marcy Meyers - Demystifying Bioenergetics

I had the pleasure of experiencing Ms. Meyers' calming wisdom and presence as we talked about health, wellness, and everything in between.

What is Bioenergetics and how did you begin your journey as a Bioenergetics Practitioner?

Bio means body, and energetics means the electromagnetic fields that travel throughout and within the body. Bioenergetics Therapy is a method for understanding how electromagnetic flow works, how it can be disrupted, and how to restore balance to the various systems in the body.

My journey started with no intention of going into private practice. I was struggling with some physical issues that were getting worse, and then two of my sisters came down with autoimmune issues. It's disheartening to have the medical community tell you: "There's nothing we can help you with, but here are some pain management medications."

I couldn't accept that we had to resign ourselves to this. I looked into the electromagnetic fields of the body, because that's how all the body organs communicate. I got the training, and after the first year, I was feeling much better, and I started asking the question, "Why wasn't I ever taught about this? Why isn't everyone taught about this?"

Then, I had a weekend seminar called "Processed Pain." A colleague came up to me at the end of the weekend, and said, "I think you have something Kansas City needs. Would you be willing to come out 1 day a week and practice?"

Within 3 months I was full time. I love to restore people.

Tell me about your new book "Blessed With Energy." What inspired you to write the book?

The inspiration came from three places. The first was the realization of: "How come no one is taught about this?" Then, as a practitioner, I got the same two questions all the time: "How does this work?", and "Does this line up with the word of God?" I looked into six different sacred scriptures and I was surprised to see a great amount of support for Bioenergetics.

It's about mind, body, and spirit. The physical body can be out of balance, and the energetic body also needs to be pulling in a source of energy. That's how I came up with the title.

"Blessed With Energy," because we are blessed with a constant source of energy. One of the things I love is that we are not trained in illness patterns. We are trained in wellness patterns.

My book shows the scientific explanations, it shows the scriptural support, and it also has specific case studies. It provides tools you can use at home as a means of listening to your own body signals.

What type of clients do you normally treat as a Bioenergetics Worker?

Typically, by the time clients come into my office, they have manifested a physical illness or some type of emotional imbalance, like anxiety, depression, or chronic fatigue. In the Bioenergetics training, everything is integrated, so if one thing is out of balance, the others will be as well. Therefore, we work in all three areas at the same time. It's all about learning to re-train our bodies on the cellular level.

There was a client this morning who was manifesting with asthma symptoms. Her frame of mind was, "I'm just trying to stay alive right now." As we began calming her bronchial tubes, we looked at her belief systems and asked, "Are you unconsciously living a life that manifests this?" By the time she walked out, she was breathing normally.

Bioenergetics gets to go into the body system, follows the flow, and find where there's a block. If we help the body balance, but we haven't addressed the belief systems that haven't caused the body to behave this way, they'll keep going back into imbalance.

What typically happens in a session?

What I love about my work is that I never have a client come in who doesn't leave feeling relieved. There is no typical session, except that everyone walks out saying, "I feel better. I feel empowered." They've got hope back.

What are some stereotypes that people often have regarding Bioenergetics?

There are two different categories.

The first is that people tend to call it "New Age," but it's really an ancient tradition. In every country, every culture has used sound and vibration as healing. It really was only in the past hundred years that people used science as truth. The first misconception is: "I don't see it. I don't feel it. I wasn't taught about it. It must not exist."

The second thing comes from the Christian faith: They're afraid of energy medicine. People think it's connected to some type of supernatural or demonic entity. I felt compelled to find the scriptural support, which is also backed up by science. In school, I had a distended sense of belief. After 10-hour days, I would go home and look into scripture to see if I could disprove it. It turns out I couldn't disprove it.

What is the difference between Bioenergetics and other energy work, like Reiki?

There are over 50 modalities of energy work. All energy work involves a transfer of energy from one person to another. In Reiki, it's a transfer, so one person allows a transfer from their body to another.

Bioenergetics is a more sophisticated type of training where we're taught to hold specific types of frequencies and apply them to specific parts of the body where energy has been distorted in some way. We also bring in the psycho-spiritual piece. We find the spiritual block. We find what spiritual experience happened during that time and we unblock it. We also have 2000 hours of training.

How do you think the world would be like if more people practiced Bioenergetics?

I think in the Western culture, we have become over-focused on our mental abilities. We're a thinking culture, but not really connected to our bodies. First, I think people would be connected to their bodies and where they're imbalanced. When people can learn to reconnect to their bodies, listen to their body's signals, and rebalance themselves, most of the illness we have in our culture wouldn't exist anymore.

Bioenergetics is not invasive, it's natural, and it works. It's good to understand the bigger dynamics. People typically have 30 to 40 thousand thoughts a day, and if those thoughts are anchored in fear or anxiety, it can affect our neurochemistry. It's all really just vibration and frequencies. Western medicine can cut a tumor out, but Bioenergetics can support health.

Is a Bioenergetics therapy session only available in person, or is it possible over phone, Skype, or Facetime?

In the different modalities, you can do distance healing, meaning you don't have to be in the physical presence of the client. My preference is to be present with the client for the first few sessions. I like to be observing what's happening with the client. Once I learn more about the client, then I can do distance work.

For more information on Marcy Meyers' work as a Bioenergetics Therapist, as well as her book, "Blessed With Energy," please visit:

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