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Digital Marketing Comes of Age

By: Samantha Skelton

There's no better person to learn about digital marketing in 2020 than Pantelope Co-Founder Adam De Jong.

Adam is the Co-Founder of Pantelope, a top digital marketing agency in Los Angeles.

Adam De Jong - Co-Founder of Pantelope Digital Marketing in Los Angeles

Adam has built profitable campaigns for some of the nation's biggest brands - including Verizon, Samsung, Best Buy, Nationwide, Edward Jones and UPS.

Originally starting out in writing as a journalist, Adam fell into digital marketing because he was attracted to where things were growing in the digital space.

So, what is digital marketing? De Jong defined it as being very "data driven," so much so that people get lost in that fact.

But he drove home the heart of understanding digital marketing which is to say that, "All marketing is about understanding your customers. What is their pain point? What can you help them solve?"

Within the last decade, a lot has changed as everything has shifted to digital, but many of the same marketing concepts still apply. "Instead of radio and TV, it's shifted to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but again, the concepts are still timeless in a lot of ways. The digital space has matured, which means it's harder in many ways, but you just have to apply yourself."

While the digital space may be oversaturated, De Jong still has that "go for it" mentality. "There are all the tools and resources available to you online. Utilize them."

And while the use of influencers seems to continue on an upward trajectory, De Jong admits, "it's oversold and undervalued. Everyone wants it but doesn't understand the value of influencers."

Some of the approaches to digital marketing in 2020 include paid ads, SEO, social media, or content driven marketing. With content-driven marketing, like blogs, this is more of an organic type of promotion and while it can be more cost effective, it's often hard to do and slow to gain traction with.

"Brand is everything, online and offline," says De Jong. The best approach to marketing to your audience in the digital space will be determined by what they want, not what you think they want. What motivates them? Why should they 'buy' from you as opposed to your competitors? What differentiates you?

For artists, authors, filmmakers, and anyone in the creative space, the best way to utilize digital marketing is to "amplify your message."

Digital Marketing is a way to share what you're excited about, to promote your art that's personal to you, and to be yourself on a bigger stage.

When asked his advice for artists just getting started on social media: "Be yourself. Use the digital space to amplify what you're trying to communicate. Just start! Start posting, start publishing. Everyone has to start somewhere."

For further information on Adam and digital marketing, visit:

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